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Leica Ultramicrotome and Cryosectioning EM UC7 and Leica EM FC6
The new Ultramicrotome for Room Temperature and Cryosectioning Ergonomic design and innovative technology are the accents of the new Leica EM UC6 Ultramicrotome and its new cryochamber the Leica EM FC6.
Form and function together in anuncompromising beautiful design.
Ultramicrotome for ultrathin sectioning of biological and industrial specimens In addition to the exceptional quality and excellent characteristics of Leica Ultramicrotomes, the new Ultracut UC6 offers a range of additional features and benefits of use for the ultramicrotomist, whether they are highly skilled or an absolute beginner.
Section thickness setting with ultrathin feed from 1 nm to 2.5 µm and semithin from 2.5 µm to 15 µm

Ergonomic Concept
Optimal Positioning of the Stereo Microscope
Non-Interfering Cables
Optimised Antistatic Device
Improves Section Quality
Sectioning Without External-Internal Vibrations
Fully Motorized Knife Stage
Brightness-Controlled Multi-LED-Illumination
Key-pad Control Unit Touch-Sensitive Control Unit

The EM FC6 cryo ultramicrotome is designed for state-of-the art biological, clinical and industrial applications. instrument settings temperature range from - 15 °C to -185 °C
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