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Your choice for highest resolution for TEM and FE-SEM analysis.
The Leica EM ACE600 is the perfect versatile high vacuum film deposition system designed to produce very thin, fine-grained and conductive metal and carbon coatings for highest resolution analysis, as required for your FE-SEM and TEM applications.

This high vacuum coater can be configured for the following methods: Sputtering, Carbon thread evaporation, Carbon rod evaporation, E-beam Evaporation  and Glow discharge

Small and compact :  Compact design and small footprint saves lab space.
CRYO-Coating : Vacuum cryo transfer system adaptation   converts the room temperature coater into a cryocoater. The sample can be coated and transferred in a protected environment  at low temperature
Easy operation : Intuitive touch screen, easy push fit connectors and tool-free target change, comfortable front door locking
Customized configuration : Instrument is equipped to suit your exact needs.
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